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Suar wood tables


We distinguish ourselves in quality of treetrunk tables. Our tables are dried until 11-13% which is unique with this Acacia wood. Because Acacia is a soft wood type it can be dried until 20% normally, which causes mould during transport and cracks in the wood after arrival in other climates. When this wood type is not dried well enough it will crack, which is not the case with our tables. We use the ‘old’ Acacia wood which has a much better quality and can be dried much better. In combination with quality finishes we can say that we provide these Suar tables in the best possible quality and the most beautiful appearance.


All our table tops are finished with a transparent mat lacquer finish as a top layer. This way we’ll keep the natural colour of the wood and the table top is perfectly protected. Finishes from Thailand or Indonesia (where the wood is originally from) doesn’t meet our quality requirements. Very cheap treetrunk tables of this kind of wood are not or very poorly finished. This is why the tables lose their appearance fast. All our tables are finished with multiple layers in a spray booth to create the best possible look and protection.

Also our tables with other finishes have the protection of the transparent lacquer. We offer a variety of finishes which can be seen below. By putting a lot of effort in finishing our Suar wood tables with the use of a very maintenance friendly lacquer, the table will stay in perfect condition for a very long time.


We offer many models of table bases. The table bases will be produced in the desired height and we coat the base in any desired colour. You will get your custom Suar wood tables.
Because we produce the table bases at our own company, we can guarantee top quality: the welds will be polished off and the powder coating is top quality.


We have worldwide shipping experience. For international transports we build a crate around the table for an ultimate safe delivery. Due to our network, we can offer sharp shipping rates for shipments worldwide.

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