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Kauri tables

Exclusive Kauri tables

Besides our Suar wood tables, we deliver tables made of the oldest and most exclusive wood available in the world: Kauri wood tables.The Kauri is New Zealand’s biggest tree and is protected by the government. The wood that we use for our tables is digged from former swamps and can be 30.000 to 50.000 years old. No tree was cutted, which makes these tables very environmentally friendly.
Kauri tables are absolute eye-catchers in every room, especially due the very special grain in the wood and the famous gold glow. These exclusive treetrunk tables can be delivered in several appearances like dining tables, meeting tables/boardroom tables and coffee tables.

Custom Kauri table

We provide our Kauri tables in the preferred size and type of finish. We have a variety of table bases to offer in steel or stainless steel and you can choose the preferred colour of the coating on the base.

Proof of age

Together with our Kauri tables we provide a certificate with a proof of age which shows the age of the original trunk where its coming from.

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