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Unique tombstones

Unique tombstones of petrified wood

Petrified wood is very suitable to remember a loved one.
Our unique tombstones symbolizes eternity. Every piece has an unique shape and colour, as each person is unique.
The hardness of petrified wood memorial stones is equal to granite, so it’s very suitable for outside use.
We select our stones with care and u have the guarantee of the best quality stones, without holes or cracks. We can treat our memorial stones with a special impregnate, so that it is protected against dirt and moisture.

Besides petrified wood memorial stones, Indosign also offers unique urns. A cylinder can be drilled in the urn, where a part of the ash can be kept.
What’s special about these unique urns is that they don’t look like a urn on the first sight, but like an object of art. What’s more beautiful than remember a loved one with such art? Contact us to discuss the possibilities.