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Petrified wood wholesale

Indosign petrified wood wholesale options

If you’re interested in our petrified wood wholesale conditions, feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities for your company.
It’s possible to order in large quantity but also in smaller quantities. Larger quantities will be delivered in a container straight to your company. Smaller amounts will be delivered in crates directly from our company.

Selection of petrified wood

With smaller amounts it’s worthy of consideration to order directly from our company. We have price agreements with our transport company, so we can offer transport for very sharp rates.
With larger amounts we can arrange a container for interesting rates. We can send lists with products to choose from. Every product is checked on beforehand to ensure quality.

Shipping and documents

We take care of several things you don’t have to care about. We are a reliable business partner for companies worldwide with high priority to fast and clear communication. We ensure that every selected piece will be reserved for you until the required amount has reached. After that we will take care of the shipment and everything that’s involved with this, such as the arrangement of the required export documents, clearing etc.

For more information you can contact us, we would be glad to help you!